What is Sistory?

Welcome to Sistory.

Unlike what your Google search may have directed you toward, we are not affiliated with a nunnery or any Eastern European countries.

We are sisters doing history. And let’s be a little loose with the term “history.”


We come from a long line of truth seekers, lovers and warriors. Actually, that’s Hunter S. Thompson. We come from a long line of sarcastic, unathletic and mathematically-challenged writers and artists, who graced our childhood with an unbelievable amount of loooong lectures, thick books and endurance-level road trips to historical sites on extremely hot summer days. Along the way we managed to hold off bickering just long enough to gain an appreciation for tracing the past into the present and sharing good stories, and that is what we hope to do here.

A little about us: we’re millennials in our twenties; we hail from Atlanta, Georgia but are now spread out across the eastern United States; our family dog Jack has the face of a cute human and the personality of a cat and makes frequent appearances here.

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Professionally, we’re a historian, a journalist and a teacher, and we try to find time outside of our day jobs to produce this blog, usually coordinating over tech-challenged Google Hangouts.

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Thanks for reading!

Caroline, Eleanor and Corinne Klibanoff

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