Jugtown, USA

The South’s jugtowns – centers churning out artistic and functional pottery for decades in the early 20th century – are no longer. Their wares aren’t hitting the shelves at Wal-Mart. There’s not an app where you can swipe right on your fave jugs. There’s no Bruce Springsteen song, “Born in a Jugtown, USA.” You won’t catch Sam Hunt crooning over your radio about what happens “When You Break Up In A Jugtown.”

Shipping the Nuts out of Georgia: The Radical Roots of Habitat for Humanity

What our family dog Jack has in common with the 39th President of the United States may surprise you. Plus, the story of the origins of Habitat for Humanity is as fascinating (and as true) as the story of how Jack once ate an entire stick of butter off the dining room table before our very eyes.