Helen Richey: Flying the Unfriendly Skies

She dared to wear pants, flew a plane for 237 hours straight, and paved the way for women in aviation, including recent hero Tammie Jo Shults who landed Southwest Flight 1380. Despite all this, she faced cruel and crippling sexism at work, leading to a tragedy.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Train, It’s a Common Misconception

If you were invited to see some newfangled technology and instead saw a train approaching you at full speed, would you wait to make sure it was just a movie – a concept you were heretofore unfamiliar with? Or would you bail first and ask questions later?

Flying Solo: Confinements of the Cage

What kind of woman takes to the skies in extremely questionable technology, preferring the thrill and danger of solo exploration over two feet on solid ground? A woman scared to death of finding herself at the mercy of anyone else’s priorities. A bird that would rather fly away from the flock, in the danger of the open air, than embrace the comfort of the cage.