Squad Goals: Henriette DeLille and Sisters of the Holy Family

Over the last two years we’ve added several impressive ladies to our squad: Qiu Jin, Juliette Gordon Low, Canada’s Famous Five, and the “lady killers” of the game of bridge, Fritzi and Rixi, also known as Frisky and Bitchy. But we have a special place reserved, of course, for sisters. Today we’re honoring a different kind of sisterhood – that of the 175-year old,African-American Roman Catholic order of the Sisters of the Holy Family in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Lissen Up: Talking Southern Jewish Foodways with Olivia Brown

How did Eastern European Jewish immigrants come to be in South Carolina in the first place? What kinds of communities did they form once they got there? And how did a Jewish deli come to serve barbecue ham? Olivia Brown’s got the answers.