The Past is Female Too: Holy Mother Edition

It’s a mother of a season. Well, rather, it’s a season celebrating mothers – particularly a Biblically famous teenage mother – and we’re here for it. Moms rule. We’ve already written about some of history’s best royal momagers, but here are five more mothers you ought to know about.

The Recent Past: Dorothy Counts

Imagine the meanest, worst-behaved 15-year-old boys you’ve ever encountered. Now add a thick coat of racism, total non-intervention by teachers and school staff, and the fact that a black girl entering an all-white school was entirely unprecedented, and you might get some idea of what Dorothy Counts experienced as she walked into the school.

Flying Solo: Confinements of the Cage

What kind of woman takes to the skies in extremely questionable technology, preferring the thrill and danger of solo exploration over two feet on solid ground? A woman scared to death of finding herself at the mercy of anyone else’s priorities. A bird that would rather fly away from the flock, in the danger of the open air, than embrace the comfort of the cage.